Where should we go around Kerman

Where should we go around Kerman?

Generally, Kerman province, as one of the most historical provinces of the country. It has been and still is the focus of many people for a long time. This province has many attractive points. Kerman province is one of the largest provinces in the country with many recreational, historical, tourist and religious attractions. Stay with Hey Persia.

Fathabad garden around Kerman

Accordingly, Bigler Begi or Fathabad Garden Mansion Garden is one of the historical buildings from the Qajar era near the city of Kerman. Like many Iranian gardens, this garden was built for proper water management near the fountain and aqueduct. Fathabad garden by “Fazl Ali Khan Biglarbeigi” who was one of the rulers of Kerman.

In the middle of the Fathabad garden, there is a beautiful and large pond surrounded by garden trees. The mansion building has two floors and overlooks the center of the garden. During the recent years, many damages have been done to the building of this palace and its surroundings. But now with the reconstruction of the garden and the mansion, this building has acquired a different color and flavor. During your trip to Kerman, you can experience the pleasure of walking through one of the Iranian gardens..

Fathabad garden around Kerman

Tomb of Shah Nematullah Wali around Kerman

On one hand, The tomb of Shah Nematullah Wali is one of the other historical sites around Kerman in Mahan city. This tomb has an area of about 35,000 square meters and dates back to the Safavid period. The building of the mausoleum is a square room with a dome-shaped arch. The tomb of Shah Nematullah Vali is located in a complex. It includes various historical buildings, each of which has a unique architecture. The buildings of this complex were built from the Timurid era to the Qajar era.

In decorating the tomb of Shah Nematullah Vali, plaster paintings, azure and turquoise tiles, and Islamic motifs have been used. The tombstone of this tomb is made of marble and the names of 12 Imams and verses from the Quran are engraved on it.

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Tomb of Shah Nematullah Wali around Kerman

Prince Mahan’s garden around Kerman

Shahzad Mahan garden is one of the most beautiful examples of Iranian gardens. It is located near the city of Mahan in Kerman province. This garden dates back to the end of the Qajar dynasty, and although the order to build Prince Mahan’s garden, was by “Mohammed Hassan Sardar Irvani”, it had finished during the reign of Mirza Nasser al-Dawlah. The location of Prince Mahan’s garden on the slopes of “Tigran” mountain makes this garden pleasant and green.

Shahzadeh Mahan Garden, which is famous as Prince’s Garden, is one of the most famous sights in Iran, which has a worldwide reputation. The name of this work, along with eight other Iranian gardens, can take in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and this has added to the fame of this garden.

One of the most beautiful parts of Prince’s Garden

The entrance gate has a view of the pond, fountains and trees like a beautiful picture frame. The main mansion or pavilion is located at the end of the garden and includes the royal part, the main entrance of the mansion and the bathrooms. The height of the entrance gates of the Garden Mansion is about three meters, and after passing through it, you can see the entrance stairs of the rooms. The rooms on the upper floor of this building used to be for viewing the garden and for living, but the main residence of the garden was the Shahneshin mansion or the upper house. The large garden pond with five fountains is located in front of this mansion.

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Simak waterfalls around Kerman

Simak waterfalls are among other natural sights around Kerman on the road to Koh Payeh. Although, These waterfalls include 12 natural waterfalls that are located in a beautiful gorge of the same name in the north of Kohpayeh village. Simek Gorge is a narrow gorge with a width of three to five meters, and for this reason, you must have appropriate equipment and technical tools to climb to the top of these waterfalls.

Suitable weather and pleasant nature make tourists visit this gorge throughout the year. It is very pleasant to walk through the valleys and see the surrounding beauty near a desert area. To reach the Simak waterfalls, you have to pass through the villages of De Lulu, Anarestan, Simak, Islamabad, Abdul Abad and Darb Asiyab village, and after reaching the camp of Shahid Bahnar, continue the paved road to the Simak gorge to reach the waterfalls.

Simak waterfalls around Kerman

Sakanj village

Finally, Sekanj village is full of orchards and green plains. If you move along the Sekanj river, you will reach a beautiful waterfall in the northern valleys of this village. This path passes through the most beautiful natural landscapes, and to go there, you must be exactly ready and have the right clothes and equipment. The tomb of “Sheikh Ali Baba”, a famous Kerman mystic near the village, is one of the other attractions of this area. The mountains around Sekanj village, such as “Pelvar” mountain, are among the best options for mountain climbing enthusiasts.

Bahramjard village is one of the most pleasant villages around Kerman on the Kerman road towards Bardsir and Baft. Despite being located in a desert region, this village has a cool and pleasant climate and many tourists visit it throughout the year.

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