Tomb of Daniyal Nabi and His Pineapple Dome

Tomb of Daniyal Nabi and His Pineapple Dome

If you pass by the city of several thousand years old, the stepped dome will attract your attention. This building is “Tomb of Daniyal Nabi” and it has a two-shell dome and urchin with a special architecture that is clearly visible from the whole city and even outside the city. Today we are going to talk more about this court in Hey Persia blog. stay with us.

Where is the tomb of Daniyal Nabi?

Looking at the photo of the tomb in the virtual world, you may ask, where in the country is this cultural attraction located? In response, we must say that Daniyal Nabi’s tomb is located in Shush, Khuzestan province and 25 km from Dezful. This building is located at a distance of about 600 meters from “Sush Castle”.

Introducing the tomb of Daniyal Nabi

Visiting this mausoleum with a stepped dome is “both an omen and a spectacle”. While visiting the historical monument, you have also visited the tomb of one of God’s prophets. This historical building was in the list of national monuments of the country in 1310.

If we want to talk about the history of Daniel Nabi’s tomb, we have to go back to the Seljuk period. However, the current building is different from the one during the Seljuk period. But the previous building destroyed due to the flood and the new building was by the order of “Sheikh Jafar Shushtri” by “Mallahsin Memar”, a famous architect in the south of the country, in 1287 AH. Molhasin’s son added two garlands to it about half a century later in 1330 AH.

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Introducing the tomb of Daniyal Nabi

Head and yard of Daniyal Nabi tomb

The entrance of the shrine is in the west of Imam Khomeini Street in Shush and is with Iranian-Islamic design tiles. At the head of the shrine, you will come across the phrase “The Blessed Threshold of Daniel the Prophet”. After you enter the main courtyard, a large courtyard with a beautiful octagonal pond and a fountain welcomes you. The tomb of Daniyal Nabi has 2 halls, one is big and the other is small. Around both courtyards, there are various rooms and porches with Islamic architectural designs that visitors and visitors can use for accommodation.

The main building of Daniyal Nabi tomb

The main building with its famous two-shell dome leads to both courtyards. As mentioned, this building was by Mullah Hossein Memar, and about 50 years later, his son added two domes to it. To enter the main court, you need to go to the eastern part of the building. When you enter the main building of the shrine, the beauty of its mirror work and unique plasterwork will amaze you for hours. In the heart of these mirrors, wonderful plasterwork and marble stones, Daniyal Nabi’s 7×7 square meter shrine shines like a shining gem. This shrine has a unique dome, which we will talk more about later.

The main building of Daniyal Nabi tomb


As we have mentioned many times, the most prominent part of the shrine is its hexagonal and stepped dome, which is of Saroj. The cross-section of the dome is a hexagon and its outer surface is designed and built in the form of two layers and urchin with 25 tiers of teeth. The height of the dome is 20.5 meters and its diameter is 5.10 meters. A group believes that the design of this pyramidal dome was inspired by the stem of a palm tree, but others say that this building is very similar to the “Ziggurat of Cheghazanbil”.

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