Naderi Cafe, the most famous one in Iran

It is one of the first and most famous cafes in Tehran. Also, the famous Naderi Cafe serves its customers with two halls. The first hall is for serving coffee and all kinds of drinks and the second hall is for serving food. It is one of the most nostalgic and famous cafes in the country in terms of some features. 

One of the most important features of this place is the history and antiquity of this place. The construction of it dates back to 1960. In that time, an Armenian immigrant named Khachik Madikians established a placein Tehran, which later became known as Naderi Cafe. 

A little background of Naderi Cafe

Khachik Madkians inaugurated a rare pastry in front of the British Embassy in Tehran. was one of the first confectioneries and confectioneries in Tehran. After a short time, he realized that he could establish a French-style cafeteria in Tehran, and named it, Naderi Cafe because of the name of a street, which was the old name of Jomhuri Eslami Street. At the same time, he launched Naderi Restaurant and Hotel, and the coffee house continued its activities with a diverse collection of cafes, restaurants, confectioneries and hotels. 

The way of elegance 

With its very good collection, hosted the fans of Persian cafes, sweets and Western food, and after a short time, it was able to gain a reputation for itself. Although other cafes were born in Tehran before Naderi Cafe, none of them were able to bring their fame to this gorgeous area. Lefanteh Cafe and Grand Hotel Restaurant Cafe were among the famous cafes in Tehran.

Lafanteh Cafe, which was an Ottoman Turkish-style cafe, and the Grand Hotel Restaurant was a famous part in the heart of Tehran. Naderi Hotel has long been the largest hotel in Tehran after the Grand Hotel. This complex was a unique complex in the heart of Tehran in terms of the combination of hotel, restaurant, confectionery and cafe. This combination had no other example in Tehran for many years. After a while, Naderi Cafe was able to pass all these cafes and introduce itself as the most famous cafe in Tehran.

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Naderi Cafe, the most famous one in Iran

The reason why, for the fame of Naderi Cafe

Naderi Cafe is known for two things. That Naderi Café was the host and hangout of the intellectuals of its time, and that Café Naderi introduced the first Beef Straganoff, Beeftek and Chateaubriand to the people of Tehran. Naderi Cafe is known as the place of intellectuals, poets and writers of the thirties to fifties.

Naderi Café was the most prestigious intellectual hangout in the 1930s and 1950s. Sadegh Hedayat, Simin Daneshvar, Ahmad Fardid, Nima Yoshij, Jalal Al-Ahmad, Nosrat Rahmani, Ahmad Shamloo and many other great Iranian intellectuals and writers had chosen Cafe Naderi as a suitable hangout for their intellectual meetings. After parting from their daily work, Tehran artists and intellectuals gathered in Naderi Cafe and exchanged views, sometimes holding literary meetings in Naderi Cafe.

Sadegh Hedayat and Naderi Cafe

There is an interesting story that Naderi Café became a hangout for intellectuals and writers. Sadegh Hedayat was perhaps the first writer to open the feet of writers to Naderi Cafe. Jahangir Hedayat says in this regard: In Europe, the tradition of entertaining at home is not very common; while in Iran, home catering has been and is very popular. Young people, on the other hand, who did not have the means to entertain at home, chose a location for friendly or business meetings, and gathered there, and Sadegh Hedayat, along with the great Alavi, Mojtaba Minavi, and Massoud Farzad, formed a group of four, and every day after graduating from their daily work, they gathered in this place and held their intellectual circles in this cafe. 

A rare cafe after the great revolution

the place was confiscated by the Martyr of the Islamic Revolution Foundation during the Revolution and during the confiscations at the beginning of the Revolution. After a few years, part of it, which included a pastry shop, a café-restaurant and a hotel, was sold to the private sector. The executive staff of Farman Imam has also taken ownership of other confiscated parts, including the 4,000-meter yard. 

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This headquarters has announced three auctions for the yard of Naderi Hotel three times, but due to the sensitivities to the historical nature of the complex, the sale of this yard has canceled due to the announcement of the executive headquarters of Farman Imam. Although the issue of selling and demolishing the Naderi Cafe courtyard complex has now ruled out, there is a risk that this issue will be on the owner’s agenda at any time.

Where is Naderi Cafe?

Naderi Cafe is located on Jomhuri Eslami Street, which was as Naderi Street before the revolution. Naderi Cafe is located within the traffic plan of Tehran and for this reason the best way to reach Naderi Cafe is by public transportation such as taxis and buses. You can use any taxi or bus that takes you to the intersection of Istanbul.

Metro route to Naderi Cafe

One of the best ways to reach is the metro route and Ferdowsi Square station. Take the two metro lines of Tehran and change the route from the east at Shemiran Gate station, reach Ferdowsi Square station.  To access from the north of Tehran, it is better to go to Kahrizak by subway line number one and go to Eram Sabz by changing the route at the government gate station. After passing a station from Eram Sabz, you will reach Ferdowsi station. Line 4 of the metro will easily take you from the west of Tehran to Ferdowsi Square, and in a short distance, you will have access to the place.

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