Hotel Abbasi, the jewelry of Isfahan

If you are planning to visit beautiful Isfahan for all its attractions such as Si-o-Se-pol bridge, Chehel Sotoun, Naghsh-e Jahan square complex and many other dazzling historical sites, you need to book the Hotel Abbasi. It is something all touristic cities have in common due to their heavy traffic and great deal of tourists visiting the city, good hotels are always full and if you go there without a reservation you might stay at a hotel which you don’t like at all because you would not have any other option available.

Hotel Abbasi, the jewelry of Isfahan

Hotel Abbasi, the best hotel to stay in

With all that said, one of the best options you have in Isfahan would be Hotel Abbasi or The Shah Abbas Hotel, this Hotel is the missing part of the puzzle in an Isfahan tour, its architecture dates back to Safavid era, as one of the biggest hotels in the country it will offer you so much to enjoy, imagine not only visiting Safavid era buildings and structures but also staying in one them, and this hotel has a background history you should know.

The great wonder of Isfahan

Isfahan always is in the center of attention but the reason differs from time to time. Right now it is a big touristic city with beautiful nature and Safavid building designs, But back in the Safavid era it was to be a big trading city for merchants from all of the world. European merchants and some of them even wrote about this city while they were visiting it and later than that it published, so how was the city like back then? What had done to make it like that?

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Isfahan and history

The amount of Safavid buildings are almost countless in Isfahan from schools, Bazaars, Halls, Mosques and one of the most important places for an Iranian trading city back then; caravansaries, a place for merchants to rest for the night and some personal stuff such as bathing or washing their clothes and also having a meal, another spot to keep their goods either for selling or taking them home. When you think about it that they had to travel from Europe to buy or sell something and go back again it shows you the true price of their goods so safety was really important and it would generate coming business activities in the future, and a horse barn for their cattle, some needed food and rest and some needed treatment and they had a pet specialist group for their cattle treatment, these are all the main aims of a caravansary.

The origins of Hotel Abbasi

This hotel was an original caravansary that was restored and maintained professionally and finally converted into a nice hotel, the vastness and quantities of rooms added to a big central original Iranian yard which has been the place for so many old merchants and the upper class part of the society back then is going to host you in a warm manner and create good memories which you will be remembering for the rest of your life.

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