Isfahan local cuisines

Isfahan, located in central Iran, is renowned for its rich culinary heritage and vibrant food culture. The city’s cuisine reflects a blend of traditional Persian flavors with local ingredients, resulting in unique and delicious dishes. Isfahan local cuisines are known for their distinct taste, aromatic spices, and meticulous preparation techniques.

Beryani, Isfahan local cuisines king

Abdominal tourism in Isfahan is one of the main recreational and tourist attractions. You realize this when you stand in line for hours at a restaurant near Sioseh Pol to eat a Beryani. But when it’s your turn, you see that it was worth the wait. The combination of lambs’ meat and lungs, Sangak bread and fresh vegetables turns it into a unique food called Beryani. If you have a vegetarian diet, skip it and do not miss the pleasure of eating a Beryani. Isfahan local cuisines offer more than just a taste.

local cuisines and the Red chickpeas

Chickpea red is one of those foods that can be served with both bread and rice. If you like minced meat and paste, you will definitely welcome the red taste of chickpeas. As the name implies, chickpea flour is one of the main ingredients. To cook this dish, minced meat is mixed with chickpea flour and small meatballs are made from it. Cook these meatballs with potatoes in paste and some water. You can easily cook and enjoy one of the local dishes of Iran, which belongs to the city of Isfahan.

Red chickpeas
Isfahan local cuisines

Yakhni Beans

Yakhni Beans is one of the Isfahani dishes that is very similar to Haleem and is also known as bean meat. A mixture of meat, vegetables, beans, rice and various spices should be cooked for a few hours to be ready to be frozen beans. The cooked ingredients are then crushed and mixed to form a mild paste. It takes a little patience to cook this food.

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Yogurt stew

Moss stew or yogurt stew, contrary to its name, is a dessert; A dessert that is very popular among Isfahanis. To prepare this dessert, the meat is cooked, beaten, then combined with yogurt extract, saffron and sugar. This dessert is decorated with sliced ​​almonds and pistachios. To prepare yogurt stew, the meat must first be cooked and beaten. Then the softened meats are mixed with yogurt and saffron and sugar are combined. Almonds and pistachios are usually used to decorate it.

Khoresht Mast - Isfahan local cuisines

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