Where should we go around Kerman

Exploring the ancient city of Kerman

The ancient city of Kerman is a historical and culturally rich city. It offers visitors a unique glimpse into the country’s diverse heritage. it has ancient architecture, breathtaking landscapes, and warm hospitality. Kerman has become an alluring destination for tourists seeking an authentic experience in Iran. Stay tuned with Hey Persia.

Ganjali Khan: A Journey Through History of ancient city of Kerman

One of the must-visit places in ancient city of Kerman is the Ganjali Khan Complex, an architectural masterpiece dating back to the Safavid era. This complex, built by Ganjali Khan, a prominent governor, comprises a stunning bathhouse, a mosque, a caravanserai, a bazaar, and a school. The intricate tilework, majestic arches, and serene courtyards transport visitors to a bygone era of opulence and elegance.

Shazdeh Garden: A Verdant piece of land in Kerman

Shazdeh Garden, also known as the Prince’s Garden, is a striking example of Persian gardens. Located in Mahan, just outside ancient city of Kerman, this UNESCO World Heritage site showcases meticulous landscaping, fountains, and lush vegetation. Visitors can take leisurely strolls through the garden’s pathways, enjoying the soothing sound of flowing water and admiring the harmonious blend of nature and architecture.

Shazdeh Garden: A Verdant piece of land in Kerman

Rayen Citadel: An Enigmatic Fortress

For history enthusiasts, the Rayen Citadel is a fascinating destination. Often compared to the more famous Bam Citadel, which was devastated by an earthquake, Rayen Citadel remains well-preserved and provides a glimpse into the medieval architectural prowess of the region. Perched on a hill, the fortress offers panoramic views of the surrounding desert landscape.

Fath-Abad Garden in the city of Kerman

Upon entering the Fath-Abad mansion, you will first see a large pond, the reflection of the main mansion on the water of the pond is very charming. Fath-Abad building with two floors is located at the northern end of the garden. They are consists of arches on both sides of the building and rooms with three doors and five doors. This building is made of raw clay and mud mortar and covered with a layer of plaster. Inside the building, there are also beautiful plasterwork, which is the artistic work of skilled masters. On the top of the entrance of the main building, there are openings where a magnifying glass was once placed inside to illuminate the room by reflecting the light of the lamps.

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Fath-Abad Garden in the city of Kerman

Mahan: A Spiritual Retreat

Located a short distance from Kerman, Mahan is a town known for its spiritual significance and beautiful landmarks. The Shahzadeh-ye Mahan, another stunning Persian garden, is a tranquil oasis that captivates visitors with its symmetrical design, refreshing fountains, and vibrant flowerbeds. Moreover, the Holy Shrine of Shah Nematollah Vali, an influential Sufi poet and saint, attracts pilgrims and visitors seeking spiritual enlightenment.

Lut Desert: A Surreal Adventure in ancient city of Kerman

No trip to Kerman would be complete without venturing into the mesmerizing Lut Desert. It is a UNESCO-inscribed site and one of the hottest places on Earth. The otherworldly landscape, shaped by wind and sand, offers an unforgettable experience of boundless dunes, salt plains, and surreal rock formations.

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Caravanserais Relics of the Silk Road

Accordingly, Kerman was a significant stop on the ancient Silk Road. Its remnants of this historic trade route can still be seen today in the form of caravanserais. These traditional inns provided shelter and accommodations for merchants and their caravans during their arduous journeys. Some of the notable caravanserais in Kerman include the Zeinodin Caravanserai and the Shah Abbasi Caravanserai, both offering a glimpse into the past and the tales of countless travelers who once sought refuge within their walls.

Ganjali Khan Cistern: A Subterranean Wonder of the ancient city of Kerman

Below the bustling Ganjali Khan Complex lies a hidden gem – the Ganjali Khan Cistern. This underground water reservoir, ingeniously designed to supply water to the bathhouse and the surrounding buildings, boasts remarkable architectural features. The dimly lit chambers and echoing sounds create an otherworldly atmosphere, making it a fascinating spot for exploration and photography.

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Simak Waterfalls in the city of Kerman

Kerman is the ninth most populous province of Iran and one of the largest provinces of Iran. It has many historical and cultural attractions. They are almost 700 of which have been registered in the list of national monuments of the country. This vast province is geographically located between the provinces of Yazd, South Khorasan, Hormozgan and Sistan and Baluchestan and is geographically located in the southeast of Iran. Simak waterfalls, which are about 13 waterfalls together, are a pleasant attraction in the heat of Kerman province.

Simak Waterfalls in the city of Kerman

Harandy Garden: A Cultural entertainment of Kerman

Harandy Garden, situated in the heart of Kerman, is a cultural complex that houses a museum, a zoo, and an amusement park. The museum showcases a diverse collection of artifacts. It is ranging from ancient pottery to intricate textiles. It provides an excellent opportunity to delve into the region’s rich history and artistic legacy. Families and children can enjoy the zoo and the amusement park, making it an ideal spot for a day of fun and education.

Ancient city of Kerman has more to offer

Finally, Kerman is a city steeped in history and surrounded by natural wonders. It continues to enthrall travelers from all corners of the globe. It has impressive architecture, serene gardens, mystical deserts, and a rich tapestry of culture. Kerman promises an unforgettable journey that bridges the gap between the past and the present. Embrace the enchanting atmosphere of this Iranian gem. Let its warm-hearted people and awe-inspiring attractions create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you are in love to history, spirituality, or the wonders of nature, Kerman welcomes you with open arms to explore its captivating beauty and discover the secrets it holds within its ancient walls.

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