Attractions in the city of Ahvaz

Attractions in the city of Ahvaz

It is the capital of Khuzestan province. Ahvaz is one of the vital and important cities of the country. It has witnessed many bitter and sweet events during the 8 years of imposed war. Also, Attractions of Ahvaz is one of the industrial and oil-rich cities in the south of the country. It has played a vital role in political, economic and tourism activities since the past. Stay with Hey Persia.

Lali cable bridge in Attractions of Ahvaz

Lali cable bridge in Attractions of Ahvaz

Lali cable-stayed bridge offers you one of the most attractive views of the Karun River. This bridge is one of the tourist attractions of Lali city. The bridge is the longest cable-stayed bridge in Iran. It is 460 meters long and all kinds of vehicles can pass over it. The purpose of building this bridge was to connect Lali city and Masjed Suleiman.

Lali cable-stayed bridge at Attractions of Ahvaz

By standing on top of it, you can enjoy watching the beautiful flow of the Karun River and record these pure moments. The nights of this bridge also have their own beauty; Especially because of the beautiful lighting on the bridge. Since it is possible to drive a car over the bridge, it is easy to access, and due to the protection installed on both sides of the bridge, you can easily park your car at the end of the bridge and watch the beautiful view in front of you.

Shushtar water structures of Attractions of Ahvaz

Generally, The water structures of Shushtar are one of the world works of Iran in the UNESCO heritage list, dating back to the Achaemenid and Sassanid eras. This beautiful work, which was one of the technical and engineering masterpieces of its time, includes a series of bridges, dams, mills, waterfalls, canals, and huge water-conducting tunnels. One of the attractions of this place is related to the fall of water resulting from the effluent of the mills, which leads to the formation of several amazing artificial waterfalls in a pond-like area.

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Among the significant works of water structures in Shushtar are Mizan Dam, Kolah Ferengi Tower, Dastkand Gregar River, Gregar Dam Bridge, a series of waterfalls and water mills, Borj Ayar Dam Bridge, Sabein Shrine, Salas Castle, Mahi Bazan Dam in Shushtar, Darion Canal, Dam He mentioned Khak, Shadarvan Bridge, Shah Ali Bridge, Lashkar Bridge and Dokhtar Bridge.

Shushtar Water structure

Dez National Park

Dez National Park became a protected area in 1967. Part of it was designated as a wildlife park in 1969. The mentioned park was upgraded to a wildlife sanctuary in 1977. In 2011, it won the title of a national park. The mentioned national park can be considered the only survivor of Iran’s tropical forests, which is one of the main resorts of the province in late winter and early spring. The proximity to the Dez River is one of the most important features of this park, from which the name of the national park is derived.

In addition to Chaghazanbil Ziggurat, which is the oldest and largest adobe and brick building in the world, other attractions such as the Sassanid Bridge, Dezful Mills, Mohammad Bin Jafar Tayyar Tomb, etc. are located near this national park, which are worth visiting.

Dez National Park

Gamboa Forest Park

Gamboa Forest Park has an area of more than 30 hectares and is equipped with facilities such as swimming pool, boating area and green space. In addition, very beautiful natural attractions have made this park one of the sights of Ahvaz suburbs. The said park is located in the west of Khuzestan province and northwest of Ahvaz.

Dezful Tobirun Valley

If you are a nature traveler and interested in adventure, experience a canyoning in the depths of Tobirun! It is interesting to know that “Tu” in the local language means fever and heat and “out” means to cut. So “outside” means a place that removes the heat from the body and soul. It seems that in the past, people used to go to this valley with the aim of curing diseases.

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When you are in this valley with good weather, you will not believe that such a place exists in Khuzestan province. A narrow valley with long and rocky walls. It sometimes reaches a height of 100 meters. It gives you the pleasure of walking on the sand at the bottom of the valley.

Dezful Tobirun Valley

Shushtar Fishermen Band

Mahi Bazan Dam or Khoda Afrin Dam is the 10th famous work of Iran in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is a natural dam on the path of the Gregar River. This embankment is consists of a series of solid stones with three walls in the middle for the passage of water. However, many parts of these walls have destroyed. The band is from sandstones, the passage of water over the centuries has led to the formation of beautiful patterns on its body.

Bamdej lagoon

Accordingly, The best time to visit Bamdej lagoon is late spring and early summer. Because the water of Shawur river in Ahvaz, which is ok to the main source of feeding the wetland. Late January and early February is also a good time to travel to the lagoon. Thanks to the presence of migratory birds, you will have the opportunity to watch them. Remember that swimming in Bamdej Lagoon is dangerous and not recommended. Although the depth of the lagoon reaches four meters; Rooting of many plants in it can be a disaster for swimmers.

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