The Beris Port in Iran welcomes you

The Beris Port in Iran welcomes you

The Beris Port in Iran is one of the most popular wharves near Chabahar. Many tourists have traveled to Chabahar to see its beauty in recent years. Among the southern coasts of the country, the coasts of the Persian Gulf are the most famous; While the shores of the Makran Sea around Chabahar are among the unique rocky shores in Iran. In recent years, the restrictions to visit the beaches around Chabahar have reduced and many people travel to this area to visit the piers around Chabahar.

Many tourists consider the pier and the beach to be one of the most beautiful places to visit in Chabahar. Due to the pristine nature of Beris Beach, there are currently not many facilities in this area; But the eye-catching beauty of this beach makes visiting it an unforgettable memory in the trip to Chabahar. Stay with Hey Persia to learn more.

Where is Beris Port located?

The Beris Port in Iran is in on one of the most beautiful beaches of the Makran Sea near Chabahar, and for this reason it is one of the most popular wharves around Chabahar. This pier is one of the most active fishing piers in Sistan and Baluchistan, where fishing boats and barges are constantly moving. Watching the colorful boats come and go on this rocky beach is very enjoyable. Beris beach and wharf is located 60 kilometers east of Chabahar port.

The access route to this beach passes through the most beautiful southern roads of Iran, which are among the sights of Sistan and Baluchistan province. Although this route has neglected due to its remoteness from the center of the country, it is one of the unique roads of Iran. The intersection of the mountain and the sea along this road places you between the winding rocks and the Makran Sea. The erosion of the mountains in this area over the years has created rocks with strange shapes.

Best time to visit The Beris

If you go to Beris Pier during the day, you can sit for an hour in a cozy corner and enjoy watching the hustle and bustle of fishermen in colorful boats. Despite the high traffic at Braes Quay, this beach has a lot of calmness that will immerse you in it. The occupation of most of the people of Beris village is fishing, and the boats and barges of this port travel to the Indian Ocean for fishing.

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Another beauty of Beris Beach is the wave phenomenon in this area. A breakwater is a phenomenon in which the sea wave pushes up through the holes created in the coastal rocks. During strong winds, due to the power of the waves, long waves erupt through these holes to a high height, and natural and beautiful fountains are there now. The best time to watch the volcanic wave phenomenon is summer and September.

The areas in Beris Port

At present, Beris Port has two parts, on one side, fishermen dock with their boats and barges to unload cargo, and on the other side, there is a high and beautiful promontory to watch the beach and enjoy its natural scenery. When traveling to the beach and the village of Beris, keep in mind that this area has limited amenities and accommodations. You don’t have many options to travel to this beach from Chabahar, and the best way to travel is by private vehicle. Stores and food stalls are also in this area. If you are using public transport to get to the pier and Bryce Beach, remember to plan your return time in advance. To go to Bris Wharf by private vehicle, enter the coastal road in the east of Chabahar and continue for 60 km.

The rocky beaches of Beris Port in Iran

The rocky beach of Beris Port

Baris Beach is one of the rockiest beaches of the Oman Sea or Makran. Along this beach there are long rocky walls that go into the sea on one side and extend on the beach and near the pier on the other side. Beris Rock offers a beautiful view of the sea and the pier in front of the eyes of tourists, and for this reason, it is the main attraction of this area.

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The rocks of Beris beach are empty, and water erosion over a long period of time has made the structure of these rocks fragile; So don’t step on the spots that are empty or have many cracks and don’t get close to the edge of the rocks. Another danger on Beris Rock is during strong winds. In windy seasons, avoid moving on cliff sides. The speed and strength of the wind in windy times can destroy your balance; So be careful.

The village of Beris

Beris village is located near the rocky beach of Beris, and the people of this village make a living from fishing in the Makran Sea and trading in the port and wharf of Beris. The main catch of fishermen in this village is shark and shrimp. From the 15th of June to the end of August, tropical storms peak, during which small boats do not go to sea for fishing. The high diversity of aquatic life in this coast causes some special catches to be exported. Hard-shell king shrimp, which is mostly known as “lobster”, is caught in this coast and exported outside of Iran.

The Beris Port in Iran and the beautiful beach

Beris Port is one of the most beautiful beach spots around Chabahar, which is introduced in this article. Kanarak Wharf is another wharf close to Chabahar Port, which is located 50 km west of it. This pier is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Makran Sea on a four-kilometer long beach, and many tourists visit this beautiful beach throughout the year. Chabahar’s geysers, which are located near the Kanark wharf, are another reason for attracting tourists to this area.

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