The Mokassar Beach in Iran and all the beautiful time

The Mokassar Beach in Iran and all the beautiful time

The Mokassar Beach in Iran is one of the beautiful and rocky beaches of the Persian Gulf and Hormozgan province and hosts many tourists with its different appearance and pristine environment. The beautiful Mokassar beach is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf and Hormozgan province. This attraction is in 10 kilometers west of Bandar Moqam and is one of the must-see places in Hormozgan. Mokassar beach is a natural and beautiful area with a unique appearance and a pristine environment that attracts many tourists. Stay with Hey Persia to Learn more.

The location of Mokassar Beach

Accordingly, Hormozgan province is located in the north of the sensitive and strategic area of the Strait of Hormoz. It has about 900 km of coastline in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman. Numerous natural attractions such as mangrove forests, beautiful islands, wildlife sanctuaries and diverse beaches in the mountains, seas and plains have made this province one of the great destinations for travel and tourism. Historical monuments left from the past eras, culture, clothing and customs of the inhabitants of this region and numerous and diverse markets are another aspect of the attractiveness of Hormozgan for travel.

The geological wonders of Mokassar Beach

Mokassar beach is in the westernmost part of Bandarlange city and is one of the pristine and beautiful attractions of Hormozgan province. Parsian city is located in the west of this beach and at a distance of 40 kilometers from it. Maqam port is located 10 kilometers east of Mokassar coast. This area is famous as Mokassar Hormozgan Beach, Bandar Abbas Mokassar Beach, Asalouye Mokassar Beach, Bandar Moqam Mokassar Beach and Mokassar Parsian Beach, and according to many tourists, it is one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in Iran.

The geological wonders of Mokassar Beach

The characteristics of the Beach

Accordingly, Factors such as sedimentation, sea tides, wind and waves play a role in shaping the appearance of beaches. On Mokassar coast, the mountains and the sea meet and natural factors (over millions of years) have joined hands to penetrate the stones and their pores, create erosion forms (water and wind) and create an artistic work.

Today, the magnificent view of small and large polished rocks of Mokassar beach has included in the frames of many photographers. These beautiful rocks are similar to natural statues. They have a strip of soft sand (side by side) they have given Mokassar beach a different and attractive appearance.

The wildlife reserves

There is no special vegetation on Mokassar beach and only a limited amount of moss covers some boulders. These rocks are usually wet, slippery and slimy and are not recommended for navigation. In the waters near the coast, the accumulation of phytoplankton has given the water a green appearance. Mokassar beach is one of the habitats of the hawksbill turtle.

Generally, This amazing and endangered species goes to the beaches of Lawan and Shidro during the spawning season. The presence of these turtles doubles the necessity of keeping the beach clean and private.

The wildlife reserves of Mokassar Beach

Mokassar Beach welcomes you

The south of the country and the coasts of the Persian Gulf is great destinations for traveling in the second half of the year. So, if you plan to visit Mokassar beach, travel to this area from mid-autumn to early spring. As much as possible, stay one night in the area and while camping on the beach, enjoy watching the starry sky and the view of the sunrise and sunset. Finally, The tidal phenomenon occurs during the day and night and changes the landscape and appearance of the beaches. The best time to visit Mokassar beach is when the sea water is at its lowest or, in fact, the fashion has happened.

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