Gel Afshan Port in Iran is an mysterious phenomenon

Gel Afshan Port in Iran is an mysterious phenomenon

Gel Afshan Port in Iran is one of the sightseeing places of Sistan and Baluchistan province in Chabahar city and It has mountains of this region are located near Kanarak and in the place of Port. Gel Afshan Mountain in Port is 100 meters high and its diameter and base are more than 100 meters. This amazing natural attraction attracts many tourists to southern Iran. Stay with Hey Persia to learn more.

Geographical location and areas

Gel Afshan Port in Iran is located 100 km from Chabahar city and on the coast of the Oman Sea. In the past, there was a large and active fishing pier in this place. Gel Afshan mountains of Chabahar region are seven mountains. These active mountains have different sizes. The largest of these volcanoes is located on the Kheir- road. For the easy access of tourists and their comfort in this area, suitable facilities such as asphalt road, toilet, pavilions with shade and drinking water have placed. In this place, there are many tourist tours that make this attraction better known to tourists.

Geographical location and areas of Gel Afshan Port in Iran

The structure of the Gel Afshan in Iran

The Chabahar beach include three small hills, one of which is active and the other two are inactive. On the hills, there are craters that are several centimeters in diameter, and from their craters, gray mud flows out to the slopes of the mountain. These phenomena are with the shaking of the soil, and when the mud is thrown out of them, a sound like the sound of a gun is heard from them. The cycle period of Chabahar’s flowers is about 10 to 15 minutes. There are craters on the top of the hills that are very similar to the peaks of volcanoes.

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The special potentials and advantages of these volcanoes have made them claim the title of “the second geopark of the Middle East” and turn it into a global work. The activity of Iran’s geysers, which are located in the coastal plain of the Oman Sea, especially in southern Balochistan; In different seasons of the year, it varies from year to year.

The structure of the Gel Afshan in Iran

The natural beauty and attraction of Gel Afshan Port in Iran

Natural attractions are always attractive for nature lovers. It is impossible for those who plan to visit the Chabahar volcanoes not to be eager to see the miniature mountains of Chabahar. The miniature mountains of Chabahar are also famous the Martian mountains of this region. These miniature mountains were once underwater and belong to the era when the water on that part of the earth escaped. These mountains were by the accumulation of rock and sand compounds and aquatic remains. These unevenness are among the geological phenomena that were not in a short period of time and their formation took thousands of years.

Gel Afshan in Iran is a must-visit destination

In Iran, in addition to Sistan and Baluchistan, Gel Afshan springs are located in the northern provinces, especially Golestan province. One of these springs is in the city of Gamishan and it is known as Gol Foshan Naftijah. Eruptions have also been seen in Takht Suleiman mountain in West Azarbaijan province. Nevertheless, Port geysers are more famous than all geysers located in Iran.

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