Maharloo Lake in Iran, a beautiful pink lake

Maharloo Lake in Iran, a beautiful pink lake

One of the natural and spectacular attractions of Fars province and the sights of Shiraz is Maharloo Wetland or Maharloo Lake. It is 18 kilometers southeast of this city. Maharloo Lake in Iran, is also famous as the pink lake and the reason why this lake is pink and red is the growth of a kind of algae in its water. This lake is part of the prohibited hunting area of Maharloo in Shiraz and is a refuge and habitat for migratory birds such as flamingos. Stay with Hey Persia to learn more.

The geological marvels of this lake

Maharloo Lake, which is famous as Maharlo Lake, is a part of the prohibited hunting area of Maharlo, Shiraz. This lake with an area of 24 thousand hectares is located at an altitude of 1560 meters above sea level. The length of Maharlo lake is 31 km and its maximum width is 11 km.

The average depth of the lake is 50 cm and its deepest point is 3 meters when the water is full. The water of this lake is sodium-magnesium chloride and sodium sulfate, and in the dry seasons, it is one of the biggest salt deposits in Iran.

Wildlife reserves in Maharloo Lake in Iran

Wildlife reserves in Maharloo lake

Maharloo Lake is a wildlife sanctuary and a habitat for migratory birds. If the living conditions are favorable, these birds stay in Fars wetlands and Maharloo lake until mid-autumn. Every year, a large population of flamingos come to this area. The saltiness of Maharlo lake water makes this bird suitable; Because the main food of flamingos is a salt-loving creature called Artemia and it is abundantly found in Maharloo water.

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In addition to flamingos, birds such as angut, tanjeh, all kinds of kakai, all kinds of waterside birds such as Gilanshah big, Salim small, all kinds of waders, herons, green ducks and mallards live in this wetland. Various species of animals such as jackals, wild cats, hyenas and foxes can also be seen around the lake.

The natural treasure of this Lake

Maharloo Lake is a natural and God-given treasure that is of great importance in terms of commerce and industry. This lake is one of the most important sources of edible and industrial salt in Fars province. Also, a type of algae called Donalilla salina grows in this lake, which can be used as a pigment in the food industry, drug production, and cosmetics.

The pink color of Maharloo lake

Due to the salinity of the water and plenty of light, a single-cell harmless green algae called Donalilla salina grows in Maharloo Lake. This algae is the food of one centimeter saltwater shrimp or Artemia, which lives in salty waters like Maharloo. With increasing temperature and salt concentration, Salina algae creates a type of beta-carotene substance that changes the color of the lake water; beta-carten does not pose an ecological and ecological risk for this lake.

The pink color of Maharloo lake in Iran

Welcome to the Pink lake of Maharloo

Like many wetlands and lakes in Iran, Maharloo Lake faces many environmental threats, including drought. This lake is effective in balancing the weather of Shiraz city and prevents extreme cold in winter and extreme heat in summer due to the humidity of this lake. But in recent decades, due to low rainfall and drought, this lake has become a center of fine dust and causes air pollution in the region.

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