Ab Pari Waterfall In Iran

Ab Pari Waterfall In Iran

Ab Pari Waterfall In Iran is one of the sights of Noor, which, contrary to its name, is not actually a waterfall! Hearing and reading this sentence in the first place, you may be surprise. But this area doesn’t really have a waterfall, and the rocks that have moved by landslides are together on the steep slope of the mountain and the water passes through them.

Introducing Ab Pari waterfall

This waterfall is located in the Ab Pari Noor forest and you have to go through the forest path to reach it. The trees of this area intertwined and its vegetation is completely preserved and pristine. Ab Pari waterfall is one of the most beautiful sights of Mazandaran province, which is located 5 km from Noor city near Royan. As mentioned, there is a waterfall in this forest that is not actually a waterfall. Rather, it is the boulders that have created a green mountain slope as a result of landslides, so that you can see a green mountain slope from a distance, with water falling down through the boulders.

Introducing Ab Pari waterfall

What is the reason for the name of the fairy water?

The question may arise for you, what is the reason for the name of water fairy? Why is this area by this name? There are 2 reasons to answer this question, which we mention below:

The best time to travel to Ab Peri Royan waterfall

As mentioned, the climate of this region is always cool. Therefore, the best time to travel to the fairy water forest is spring and summer. Of course, the Ab Pari waterfall in the autumn season is also a very pleasant and pleasant place to take beautiful photos of the nature of the area due to the vegetation of the area and colorful trees. Another point that we should mention, and it is one of the merits of this region, is that in the fall there is no more bad weather in the region. We do not recommend the entire frozen area and travel to it in winter.

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What are the features of Ab Pari waterfall?

The presence of gazebos, drinking water, toilets and play equipment are among the facilities in this area, in addition, several food stalls have also been built in this area. If you have a full stomach, you can order and drink different food from the stalls, including local food, local soups, local bread, or charcoal tea.

Access route to Ab Pari waterfall

After passing through Chalus, Nowshahr and Si Sangan Forest Park, you will reach Royan city. In the city, go to the main bazaar of Royan and enter the street in front of it, which is called Shahada. After the first intersection, continue straight until you enter Royan-Beldeh road. Drive 13 km on the winding road of Glendrud until you reach Ab Pari waterfall, which is on the left side of the road.

Where is the accommodation in Ab Pari waterfall?

If you plan to stay on the trip to Ab Pari waterfall, you can go to local houses, hotels or other accommodations in the surrounding cities to the waterfall. Of course, if you can bear the cold of the region, you can camp in the Ab Pari forest near the police station and spend the night there.

Accommodation in Ab Pari waterfall

Ab Pari Waterfall In Iran

Ab Pari waterfall is one of Mazandaran’s attractions, a trip to which can be a unique and pristine experience. This waterfall is located near Royan city. As mentioned, Royan is one of the most beautiful cities in Mazandaran province, and its beautiful forests are famous. If you want to travel to Ab Pari waterfall, you can join us in Hey Persia.

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