The Ancient City Of Estakhr In Iran

The Ancient City Of Estakhr In Iran

The Ancient City Of Estakhr in Iran, which is also as Takht Tavus, is one of the ancient cities of Iran, whose exact location and area are not over time. But according to what is in the history, this city is 5 km from Persepolis in the southwest of Iran. In this article from Hey Persia blog, we are going to talk to you about the ancient city of Estakhr, its meaning, location and history. So stay with us.

What does Estakhr mean?

Estakhris the middle Persian form of the word (Stakhr) meaning “fortress/fort”. Ernst Herzfeld, a famous German archaeologist, believes that this word is from Parsa-staxra meaning “Fortress of Pars” and is closely to Persepolis, which is nearby.

Where is The Ancient City Of Estakhr in Iran

In the distant past, the ancient city of Estakhr was one of the famous, prosperous and important cities of Iran and it can be as one of the sightseeing places around Shiraz. In the Arab attack on the city of Estakhr, the people of this city resisted a lot, and even in the battle of Estakhr, a large number of them had killed, until finally the Arabs were able to conquer it.

Of course, this city as a stronghold of Zoroastrian religion for many years after it conquered by the Arabs. The city of Estakhr, which is also as the city of Takht Tavus, is located in the valley of the river “Siond” boulevard, 5 km from Persepolis and 54 km from Shiraz. The pool of the city was magnificent, which sometimes extended on both sides of the Sivand river, and sometimes covered one side of the river.

Where is The Ancient City Of Estakhr in Iran

Introduction of The Ancient City Of Estakhr in Iran

As mentioned, the ancient city of Estakhr was a very religious city. In such a way that after the Arab attack on Iran and its conquest, it remained as the stronghold of Zoroastrian religion. After the city of Shiraz was near Estakhr, the pool gradually fell into ruin until it completely destroyed in the Al-Buyeh period. Many parts of Takht Tavus city have not been explored, but currently based on what has been investigated, it can be said that this city has an area of about 60 hectares and the only ancient monuments of the city are its stone gate, columns and stone walls.

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After the statue and temple of Anahita was built by the order of Ardeshir II of Achaemenid near the historical city of Estakhr, the religious importance of this area gradually increased. Anahita Temple, which is also known as the Pool Temple, was a temple for Anahita “Goddess of Water” and kings came to this temple for coronation.

Ardeshir’s Fate

This temple was very important during the Achaemenid and Sasanian periods. In such a way that since the time of Achaemenid Ardeshir II, the name of Anahita temple engraved on stones. During the Sassanid period, the ancestor of Ardeshir I of Sassanid was the head of the temple of Estakhr, and the Sassanids very interested in this temple during their rule. On the other hand, the birthplace of two of the Sassanid kings was the city of Estakhr, and they often came to the city of Estakhr for the coronation ceremony.

The Raid of Alexander

When Alexander invaded Iran and destroyed Persepolis, the city of Estakhr was built with stones from the ruins of Persepolis. After the Achaemenid period, during the Seleucid era, this city found an independent government, and Fartarkas or Persian commanders were in charge of this city. As mentioned, Sasan, the great ancestor of the Sasanian dynasty, was a native of the city of Estakhr and actually the head of the Estakhr temple. He married a Seleucid woman and their eldest son, Babak, became the ruler of the city of Estakhr. After Babak, his two sons ruled in this city as the last two kings of Persia. During the Sasanian era, this city was at the height of its prosperity and fame. But with the Arab attack on Iran and the Estakhr War, its fate changed.

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Even though after the war with the Arabs, the pool still remained and as a base of Zoroastrian religion, it had a prominent presence, but with the construction of the city of Shiraz, people gradually moved to the new city and nothing remained of Estakhr. The city of Estakhr was as the capital and religious center of Pars Sassanid province for some time. This city was also the main center of economic activities. Such that there was a mint minting coins with the initials (ST) on the coins.

The Raid of Alexander

The Ancient City Of Estakhr in Iran

The historical city of Bishapur, Shiraz, is one of the places of interest in the city of Marvdasht, the exact extent of which not known. But according to the research done by historians and geographers. Its extent started from the northern bank of the Ker River and continued to the Sivand River, and as mentioned, sometimes it covered both sides of the river and sometimes only one side of the river. Takht Jamshid, Pasargad, the relief of Rajab are some of the attractions that are located near it.

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