The Rarest Lilium In Iran, Sousan-e Chehel Cheraagh

The Rarest Lilium In Iran, Sousan-e Chehel Cheraagh

What is the name of the only flower that is in the list of national works of Iran? Have you ever thought that a flower can also be registered as a national work? Sousan-e Chehel Cheraagh lily with scientific name (Lilium ledebourii) is the only flower from the dark species of lily that is in the list of national works of Iran. If you would like to learn more about The Rarest Lilium In Iran, stay with us on the Hey Persia blog.

Where is The Rarest Lilium In Iran of the valley?

The main habitat of white lily is “Damash” village in Gilan province. But in limited areas of Iran, such as Kalardasht, Islam, Kajur, Darfak, Ardabil, and in Lankaran city of Azerbaijan, this flower has also observed sporadically. In the past, Damash village of Rudbar county was a summer village where the people of “Jirandeh” village used to come in the summer. But these days villagers have permanent residence in it. In this village, a limited area of about 6,000 hectares is a unique white lily habitat, which is under the strict protection measures of the environmental organization.

The height of this genetic reserve is 1750 to 2000 meters, its average temperature is about 10 degrees Celsius and its rainfall is to be 450 mm. The climate of Damash village is semi-humid and moderate, and apart from white lily, other plants such as catkins, nettles, violets, ferns, messenger flowers, wild clovers, and red velik also grow in this area.

Where is The Rarest Lilium In Iran of the valley?

What are the characteristics of The Rarest Lilium In Iran

Sousan-e Chehel Cheraagh lily is the only dark Iranian type of lily that reaches 50 to 150 cm in height and often produces 4 to 10 flowers and sometimes up to 15 flowers. This flower has a very high ornamental aspect and is one of the world’s endanger species due to excessive harvesting. There are about 2,000 examples of the Chalcheragh lily, in an area of about 6,000 hectares in the damage forests around Damash village, at an altitude of 1,700 to 1,900 meters, which is from other parts by a fence, and any use of it is only with an official permit from the ministry office.

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The inspection of the country’s environmental organization is possible. It is interesting to know that the researchers at the agricultural research station of Lahijan, after years of research and investigation, have finally been able to reproduce the Chelcheragh lily. Of course, cultivated flowers of Chelcharagh lily bloom 20 days earlier than its natural habitat.

How was the white lily or Chalcharagh lily discovered?

Chelcheragh lily was first by a German botanist named “Karl Friedrich von Ledboer” in 1354 in the book Flora of the East, and in his honor, the Latin scientific name of white lily “Lilium Lederbury” given. After the introduction of this flower to Iran, the white lily was included in the list of natural works of Iran from the very beginning.

Why is it Sousan-e Chehel Cheraagh

Some people believe that the appearance of this flower is very similar to a firefly. The villagers also say that this flower emits light at night, and for this reason, it is the firefly lily. In fact, the Sousan-e Chehel Cheraagh lily flag has fluorescent materials and is able to reflect light. The flowering season of the white lily is small and flowers from early June to mid-July.

Routes to The Rarest Lilium In Iran

From Tehran, you move towards Qazvin, after Lushan, you enter the rough side road of Jirandeh village and after driving for about 42 kilometers on a winding road, you reach the village. The distance from Jirandeh to Damash is about 40 kilometers, it is better to ask a local guide to continue the journey. Enter the Qazvin highway from Tehran and continue your journey towards Rasht. At the beginning of “Rostam Abad” city, you enter “Khorgam” section. Khorgam is located at a distance of 40 km from Rudbar, and its path is winding but paved. If you want to reach Damash from this mountain route, it is better to have the necessary equipment in the car. You continue your path until you reach the city of “Bere Sar”. This city is 6 kilometers away from Damash.

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Routes to The Rarest Lilium In Iran

The Rarest Lilium In Iran

In this article, we tried to introduce you to another natural work of our country, the white lily. If you have more information about this pristine and natural attraction of our country, you can write it in the comments and suggestions section and share it with us. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation.
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