Birjand Kolah Ferangi Citadel in Iran

Kolah Farangi Citadel in Iran

Kolah Farangi Citadel in Iran is one of the sights of Birjand, it is a white hexagonal building located in South Khorasan province. This building dates back to the end of the Zandiye period and the beginning of the Qajar period. If you want to know more about this national monument, which has different names such as Hossam al-Doulah Citadel, Bibi Arous Palace and Sarkar Citadel, stay with us on the Hey Persia blog.

Where is Kolah farangi citadel?

So far in the article, we have noticed that this white building is located in the city of Birjand, the capital of South Khorasan province. But if we want to talk about it in more detail, we must say that Kolah farangi citadel is located on the edge of Motahari street.

History of Kolah Farangi Citadel

One of the most magnificent places to visit in Birjand is Kolah Farangi Citadel. This building, which is of mud, brick, lime and mortar, was to “Amir Hasan Khan Shibani” and belonged to “Amir Alam Khazineh”. Amir Alam donated this historical house with the appearance of a “ziggurat” or “six drums” to the governor. The six-story fortress of Kolah Farangi was during the years 1264 to 1313 AH, i.e. the end of the Zandiye period and the beginning of the Qajar period, and it was as a “government seat”.

History of Kolah Farangi Citadel

The citadel architecture

As we said, the Kolah Farangi Citadel in Iran citadel in Birjand is in the form of a ziggurat or staircase in six floors with beautiful architecture. Perhaps, seeing the appearance of the six pillars and the conical shape at the end of the building, you can imagine all its 6 floors. But this is not the case, and only two of its parts have interior space and the rest are decorative. Among other features of this architectural masterpiece, we can mention its different parts such as domes, rooms and vestibules which are connected through corridors.

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The first floor has a square building with many rooms. On the first floor, there are four beautiful vestibules on the four sides of the building, which are completely similar to each other. In its center, an octagonal pond has been built, which, according to most visitors, is the most beautiful and important part of Birjand Kolah Farangi citadel. On the dome of Kolah Farangi, there are also skylight windows to guide the light into the building, which provide the lighting inside the building during the day.

Birjand Kolahferangi citadel architecture

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