60-Year old's Travel Suggestions

60-Year old’s Travel Suggestions

Most of us are retired in our 60s or working part-time jobs. Most of us at the age of 60 still have a healthy body and can go on various trips. Of course, if we are worrying about our health or illness, we can still travel to areas that have a lower degree of difficulty and easy walking. As you know, the type of travel at the age of 60 is definitely different from the type of travel at the age of 30. We at Hey Persia blog are going to learn about 60-Year old’s Travel Suggestions and introduce you to the best travel suggestions at 60 years old. The trips that we introduce to you, dear 60-year-olds, are diverse and you can choose them based on your tastes. So be with us.

The best trips of the world for 60-Year old’s Travel Suggestions

At the age of 60, you can still go to visit the beautiful attractions of the world and our beloved Iran. In this section, for your convenience, we will first share with you 4 suggestions of the best tourist attractions for the 60-year-olds. Then, in a separate section, we will talk to you about Iranian tourism attractions suitable for 60-year-olds.

A trip to Indonesia and Bali at the age of 60

Every time we hear the name “Bali”, the mysterious island of Indonesia, we subconsciously remember the famous Balinese massages with their special herbs and spices. This amazing island, with its beautiful and bewitching spaces, magnificent waterfalls and temples, volcanoes that are ready to erupt at any moment, is a unique travel destination in the 60s.

Traveling to Cuba at the age of 60

One of the best travel destinations at the age of 60 is Cuba. This land is full of color, dance and music. Cuba is a country full of various wonders. In this country, you can go to see the cities with various buildings. See the classic cars of the 50s and 60s up close and drive them.

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In Havana, the capital of Cuba, you can try various cafes or restaurants in this city and be amazed by the taste of their coffees and various dishes. If you like to visit nightclubs in other countries, Havana clubs are the right choice. Of course, Cuba is also famous for its sugarcane fields. Its Caribbean coast is immersed in tranquility. If you like to sit on the beaches of this area for a few minutes and enjoy yourself while using unique Cuban cigars!

A trip to Chaghazanbil Ziggurat at the age of 60

Chaghazanbil Ziggurat” is another travel destination at the age of 60 that we suggest you include in your travel plans. This 1250-year-old work is the first historical monument of Iran that has been registered in UNESCO. This building is a magnificent relic of Elamite civilization and is located in Khuzestan province between the two cities of Shush and Shushtar.

A trip to Chaghazanbil Ziggurat at the age of 60

60-Year old’s Travel Suggestions to the Galapagos Islands – Ecuador

Visiting the breathtaking Galapagos Islands is a sight to behold at any age. These islands became very famous after the visit of “Charles Darwin”. The Galapagos Islands are also known as the “Colon Archipelago” and consist of 18 small and large islands. If you have never been to these unique and pristine islands in Ecuador, we recommend that you include this area in your list of different trips in your 60s to feel the peace in its most complete state.

Trip to Dasht Al-Nazeh summer cottage

“Al-Nazeh” is one of the unspoiled places of Iran in Gilan province. This villa, which is located in the central part of “Shanderman Villas”, is more pristine and pure than the beautiful nature of Masal. Next to this villa, there is a 15-meter waterfall called “Vashiar” and it is very similar to “Tengeh Vashi”.

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Trip to Nasir al-Mulk Mosque

“Nasir al-Mulk Mosque” is one of the famous places of Iran, which is also as “Pink Mosque”. This beautiful mosque is world famous and it was near the “Shahcheragh” tomb during the Qajar era. It took 12 years to build this magnificent building. This mosque was built by “Mohammed Hasan Memar”, one of the famous Qajar architects. Nasir al-Mulk Mosque is famous in the world because of its lighting and eye-catching architecture. If you want to see the height of Iranian art up close, you just need to be in the mosque at 7 am to see the play of lights and their reflection on the wall tiles and the colored glass of the shrines. A unique and special view that you will never forget.

60-Year old’s Travel Suggestions

Finally, In the article on the best travel suggestions at the age of 60, we at Hey Persia blog tried to introduce you to different and interesting places in the world and our beloved country, Iran.

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