Pasand Forest in Iran

Pasand Forest in Iran

If you miss a clean forest with 5 nature tourism attractions around it. So, come with us and come to Pasand Forest in Iran. Therefore, This forest is one of the beautiful places in Mazandaran with its complete and clean nature. It will make you relax for a few minutes without worrying about what will happen in the future. In such a way that you will not notice the passage of time. To learn more about what is waiting for you in Pasand Rose Forest, join us on the Hey Persia blog. Read a short but comprehensive article about this beautiful forest.

Where is Pasand Rose Forest?

This forest is one of the natural attractions of Mazandaran province. The distance from Pasand to Behshahr is about 8 kilometers and it takes about 11 minutes. Mazandaran province is one of those unique provinces in the country, where every corner has a different attraction. One of its attractive tourist areas, which is very busy on weekends, is Pasand Rose Forest. In this forest, you can see trees such as Anjili, Yehdar, Banana, and Kechb. Due to their soaring and dense branches, seem to have made a green corridor for nature lovers to walk through.

Pasand forest is a part of Hazarjarib area

Pasand Rose forest is a part of Hazarajerib. Hazarjerib is a mountainous area between the 2 provinces of Mazandaran and Golestan. Maybe the name of Hazarjarib area is unfamiliar to you. But this 49-hectare area is between the cities of Behshahr, Naka, Sari of Mazandaran province. The mountainous part of the cities of Semnan and Damghan. Hunting prohibited in 1000 acres and this area is very diverse in terms of geography, nature, flora and fauna.

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Espehou Waterfall is located in this area

Espehou Waterfall “in the meaning of white water” is one of the most amazing attractions of the region. It is by this name among the people of Mazandarani. The reason for this name also comes from the fact that Espehou water is foamy and white in color. Espehou Waterfall boils from the heart of a mountain called Siyakhani. It flows out from a stone crack under an old tree in the form of a bowl and stairs. Just like the Kandovan Village.

Pasand Forest in Iran flows into the 7-story limestone ponds in the middle of the way. Then continues its path until it finally reaches the Nekarud River. There is a beautiful pond near the 30-meter Sembi waterfall into which the waterfall flows. The best time to visit Sembi waterfall is summer, when this waterfall is in its most beautiful state. 2 villages are located near the Pasand Rose forest and the Espehou Waterfall. Therefore, The village of “Gharib Mahaleh” is one of the villages of Hajar Jarib in the northwest of the forest. “Rodbar” village is located on the west side of the forest. Both villages have amazing and unique landscapes.

Espehou Waterfall is located in this area

How to get there?

To access the Pasand forest path, you must travel to Behshahr city in Mazandaran province. Pasand village is located on Behshahr-Gorgan road, at the very beginning of the road. Then leave the road and move towards the village. Generally, From the village to Behshahr, you have to travel a little distance to see the Pasand forest. The road to the Pasand forest is very quiet and has little traffic, and there are unique attractions near it.

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Pasand Forest in Iran

Finally, The degree of difficulty of traveling to the Pasand forest is easy to moderate. If you physically fit, you will go through this 10-12 hours journey more easily. Most people tend to travel in groups. Group travel with people of the same age helps people to expand their circle of friends and relatives. Based on this, we in Hey Persia have decided to organize group trips with a limited number of middle-aged people. We do our best to provide services suitable for your age and dignity and to be able to satisfy you. It is enough to join us once in Iran tours to become our constant companions.

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