Maharlo lake, The Gem Of Persian Salt Lake

Maharlo lake, The Gem Of Persian Salt Lake

Often, when we hear the name of sea and lake, we expect a blue color from it. But this time, we want to introduce you to a lake that, contrary to our expectations, is pink in color. One of the attractions of Fars province is the pink lake of Maharlo. This lake is located 18 km from Shiraz, Shahd and Shekar city. Today, in Hey Persia, we are going to introduce Maharlo Lake and talk about the location of it, the age of Maharlo Lake in Shiraz, the climate and the access route to Maharlo Lake in Shiraz. So be with us.

Where is Maharlo lake in Shiraz?

The pink lake is one of the most beautiful places to see in Iran, and if we search its image on Google, we think it is located somewhere other than Iran! This pink lake, which is sometimes stained with blood and turns red, is located 20 km from the city of Oranges in Iran, Shiraz, and 60 km from the Shiraz-Fasa road, near a village called Maharlo or Dasht Gol.

Why is Maharlo lake pink?

Maharlo lake of Shiraz is salty water and when the heat of the region increases, the concentration of water salinity increases, the only safe algae in this is Donalilla salina. This algae secretes a substance that causes the lake to turn red or pink.

Why is Maharlo lake pink?

When is Maharlo lake pink?

The water of Maharlo lake in Shiraz is not pink all year round. As the temperature increases, more water evaporates and the salt concentration of its increases, and as a result, the color of it becomes pinker. Pink lake is a seasonal lake that evaporates more in summer due to the heat of its water area. If you plan to travel to Maharlo lake and see its pink color, the best time is summer. But if you want to travel to this region when the weather is favorable and the lake is full of water, the best time to travel is from autumn to mid-spring.

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What do you know about the history of Maharlo Lake?

The age of Maharlo lake in Shiraz goes back to 20,000 years and the accumulation of salt in it goes back to about 1,000 years ago. This lake is also known by different names such as “Mahlo”, “Mahloye”, “Mahloye”, “Jenkal” and “Salt Lake”.

What is the weather condition?

The weather condition of Maharlo in Shiraz is different in different seasons of the year, but the condition is favorable in autumn, winter and even until the middle of spring due to the rainfall and water from “Sultan Abad” and “Dry Lake” lakes, and its water has risen. However, the water condition of Maharlo Lake in the summer is reduced and it evaporates more due to the extreme heat of the region. This situation changes again with the arrival of autumn and winter and the rains of these two seasons.

What is the weather condition of Maharlo Lake?

How to reach there?

To travel to Maharlo, you must enter Fars province and move from Shiraz to Fasa. About 57 to 60 kilometers from the road, you will reach the village of Maharlo or Dasht Gol.

What is the current situation of this lake?

Like many wetlands and lakes in Iran, Maharlo is not in a good condition and is facing various threats, including drought. In recent years, due to low rainfall and drought, this lake has become a center of fine dust and the air pollution of the region has increased. In addition, with the presence of pollutants and heavy metals such as lead, the water pollution of the lake has become more than the allowed limit. Factors such as water pollution, illegal extraction of underground water, improper and unauthorized drilling of wells, etc. have caused the population of migratory birds in the region to decrease significantly.

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In this article, we tried to provide you with everything you need to know about Maharlo Pink Lake. As mentioned, this 600-square-kilometer lake is located near Shiraz in Fars province, and the best time to visit it to see its pink color is summer, when the concentration of salt in the lake increases and the air is cooler. Remember, the water in the lake is not drinkable and no fish live in it due to its high salt content. If you want to travel to Lake, you can join us in Ataraq and experience a different and pleasant trip with your peers.

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