Introducing the Karimkhan Citadel of Shiraz

Introducing the Karimkhan Citadel of Shiraz

Karimkhan citadel is one of the attractions of the city of Shiraz. This magnificent and beautiful building was by Karimkhan Zand, known as Vakil al-Raaya, in 1180 AH. After that, he was coming to power and choosing Shiraz as the seat of his rule. He decided to build a large square in the north of old Shiraz. Stay with Hey Persia.

Where is Karimkhan Citadel of Shiraz

Accordingly, This citadel is located in the city center and in the municipal square. In the past, this square was Topkhaneh (a kind of defensive fort) and on the north side was a forum of Karimkhan. On the east side of Vakil Bazaar Square and several Caravanserai and on the south side of Hammam Square and Vakil Mosque. On the southwest side of that garden, and on the west side of this fort and Andarouni Square.

Karimkhan Citadel of Shiraz in the past

Generally, During the Zandieh dynasty, rulers and rulers, according to their personal tastes, they had many interventions in Karimkhan Citadel. Among them, they started to create a series of mansions in the central courtyard. It was not compatible with the architecture of the citadel.

They also covered the paintings of the Zand dynasty and created other decorations according to their taste. Since plaster was not easily there over the previous layers of plaster, they scraped the surface of the wall with an ax and caused a lot of damage to the building.

Karim Khan Museum

The famous Citadel of Shiraz

Although, This citadel was the Department of Culture and Art at that time, it was going to be the Technical Office for the Protection of Antiquities. Currently, it is under the supervision of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and is known as the Great Museum of Fars. Karimkhan citadel was registered as one of Iran’s national monuments on 14 June 1851 with registration number 918. The plan of Karimkhan Citadel in Shiraz is rectangular and consists of two parts, military and residential. The area of this citadel is 13 thousand square meters and its infrastructure is 4 thousand square meters. Famous artists and architects of that time were present in the construction of this building and they finished it in the fastest time with the best materials.

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The citadel site plan

The architecture of Karimkhan Citadel is in Isfahani style and introverted architecture. The outside of this building is simple and clean, and inside it, delicate and beautiful decorations are a lot. On the top of the entrance gate of the citadel, there is a beautiful and eye-catching tile work of the seven-color type. It depicted the battle scene between Rostam and the White Devil, and dates back to the Qajar period. After the entrance, there is a vestibule through which you enter the citadel courtyard.

The residential part of Karimkhan Citadel includes three fronts: north, south and west. Each side has a pillared porch with two stone pillars. During the Qajar period, the main columns of the south and west porches removed and wooden columns replaced with spiral decorations. There are two corridors, two floors and 6 rooms on both sides of each porch and between the halls.

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The interior design

Sash has been worked in the halls of the Karimkhan citadel; Sash refers to wooden windows in which colored glass is used and opens and closes vertically. The roofs of the halls are with two layers and the second false ceiling is with a distance from the main ceiling. The interior ceiling is with plaster moldings and the decoration is with very beautiful paintings and gildings that are on the paintings of the Safavid era. Materials such as gold, mercury, saffron, ocher flower and other minerals are used in drawing these paintings.

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The interior design

The wonderful citadel of Karimkhan

Finally, Among the wonders of Shiraz, Karimkhani Citadel is one of the most famous. This magnificent building is in the center of Shiraz. It is one of the brilliant works of the Zandiya period, which Karimkhan Zand built it, known as Wakil al-Raaya, in 1180 AH. This citadel was the place of rule and life of Karimkhan and for this reason it is famous as Karimkhani citadel. Karimkhan Citadel was in the list of national heritage of Iran.

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