Shokatieh School in Iran

Shokatieh School in Iran

If you want to search and delve into the history of old schools in Iran, you will come to the name of Shokatieh School. As the fourth Iranian school in a new way. This building, which is also famous as Shokatieh School, is in Birjand city of South Khorasan province. It is one of the schools after the old schools in Iran. If you are also into learning more about Shokatieh Birjand School, stay with us on the Hey Persia blog.

Where is the school?

This building is located in Birjand city, the capital of South Khorasan province, on Shahid Montazeri Street, Old Post Alley. It was as a national monument on 16th of February 1356AH. The Post Alley is one of the old and steep alleys of this desert city and the entrance of the school is at a lower level than the alley.

History of Shokatieh Birjand school

This building was first built in the years 1312 to 1308 AH as Hosseiniyah by “Amir Ismail Khan Alam” or “Shukat-ul-Moluk I”. From there, Shukat al-Moluk I had no children, during the constitutional revolution. He decided to dedicate one-third of his property to charity and leave the custody of his house to his younger brother, Muhammad Ibrahim Khan Alam. Muhammad Ibrahim Khan Alam, who was also famous as “Shukat-ul-Moluk II”, converted it into a school 14 years later, in 1326 AH. He had the thoughts of Amir Kabir and the construction of his Dar al-Fonun school. He decided to build a building similar to it, but this time far from the capital, in Birjand city.

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History of Shokatieh Birjand school

The school stories

In the beginning, this school took students only in the primary level. But after some time high school was a part of it. The salaries of its teachers were also in cash and in kind through the government budget. Two years later, in 1303, a high school for girls also added to this collection. Ibrahim Khan and the well-known cleric of Birjand, “Sheikh Mohammad Mohed”, sent their daughters to school to encourage the city’s residents. In 1301, the name of the boys’ schools of this complex was to become Shokati School and the girls’ schools to Shokatieh.

Shokatieh Historical School

In 1303, Shokatieh Boys’ High School was apart from its primary school. Shokatieh Birjand school is in the architectural style of Iranian desert houses in four seasons. It has a central space in the form of a courtyard and many continuous parts around it. A large part of the building belongs to the school yard, which is paved with bricks. In the middle of it, there is a basin with a 30 cm platform. The Shokatieh school had only one grand and large porch, which was composed of various components such as the entrance, vestibule, corridors, porch and cells around the courtyard, the royal area and the bathroom around it. This building had two entrances, one on the south side and the other on the west side.

Address and architecture of Shokatieh school

As mentioned, the old Shokatieh school is located on Montazeri St., Post Alley, within the historical context of Birjand city. It is a city in the Central District of Birjand County, South Khorasan province, Iran, and serves as capital of both the county and the district. The city is known for its saffron, barberry, jujube, and handmade carpet exports.

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The age of Shokatieh school, one of the oldest schools in Iran, reaches more than one hundred years. In 2013, a conference was held in Birjand University on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of this building. This building, which is also famous as Shokatieh School. It is in Birjand city of South Khorasan province and is one of the schools after the old schools in Iran.

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