Yazd's traditional sweets

Yazd’s traditional sweets

Originally, Yazd’s traditional sweets and desserts carry not just flavors but also historical significance, reflecting the region’s cultural heritage. The city’s arid climate and use of local ingredients like almonds, pistachios, and rosewater contribute to the distinct taste and texture of these delicacies. Learn more about these delicious desserts at Hey Persia.

Pashmak Yazdi of Yazd’s traditional sweets

Generally, This is a delectable Persian cotton candy. Using sugar and sesame oil, it’s to create fine, thread-like strands resembling a cloud. These delicate, sweet fibers melt in the mouth, leaving a subtle taste of sesame. Pashmak Yazdi often features at celebrations, weddings, and special occasions, offering a light yet delightful treat.

Pashmak Yazdi of Yazd's traditional sweets

Loz and Yazd’s traditional sweets

represents another beloved sweet hailing from Yazd. These are almond-flavor nougats, combining crushed almonds, sugar, rosewater, and sometimes saffron. Moreover, The baker cooks the mixture, molded, and cut into small, dense squares. Loz exudes a nutty fragrance and a satisfying chewiness, making it a cherished dessert in Yazd’s culinary heritage.


Haji Badam

Translates to “pilgrim almond” and remains a traditional Yazdi dessert. These almond-based confections involve a preparation process where almonds are ground and combined with sugar, cardamom, and sometimes rosewater. The mixture is shaped into small balls, garnished with pistachios or almonds, and served as bite-sized delights. Haji Badam offers a rich, nutty flavor complemented by the aromatic touch of cardamom.

Haji Badam

Noghle Yazdi

It is a unique sweet, primarily composed of ground walnuts, sugar, and rosewater. The mixture is shaped into small domes or balls and typically adorned with edible silver foil or pistachios. The combination of the earthy walnuts, the sweetness of sugar, and the floral essence of rosewater creates a distinct flavor profile that distinguishes Noghle Yazdi within Yazd’s dessert repertoire.

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Yazd’s traditional sweets

These sweets are not merely desserts; they encapsulate the traditions, celebrations, and flavors unique to Yazd, making them a delightful experience for both locals and visitors alike.

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