Chal Kandi in Dezful, Iran calls a visit

Chal Kandi in Dezful, Iran calls a visit

Chal Kandi in Dezful is a spectacular valley in a part of the Dez River route. It is where the intersection of high rocks and the river and the erosion of rocks over time have created beautiful landscapes. This valley is considered one of the most beautiful and pristine places to see in Dezful. It is located in the north of Dezful and northeast of Andimshek. The mild climate of Chal Kandi Valley attracts many tourists to escape the heat in the hot seasons of the year. Stay with Hey Persia to learn more.

The great resorts in the south is Chal Kandi in Dezful

Dareh Chal Kandi is one of the beautiful resorts of Khuzestan, approximately 30 km from the north of Dezful and 25 km from the northeast of Andimeshk. In Chalkandi, beautiful views of the junction of the rocks with the Dez river attract the attention of tourists. Along the rocky path of this valley, you can see thick reeds and meadows that add to the beauty of this area.

The creation of Chal Kandi in Dezful

Over the years, many wells have been created in this valley due to the occurrence of large floods in Chal Kandi Valley. Falling rocks are also another reason for the appearance of large wells in this area. This valley is called Chal Kandi because of the presence of large holes all over it. According to the belief of the residents of the villages around the Chal Kandi Valley, the name of this area was Chal Kandi.

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The natives of the surrounding areas mention a person named Qandi Qalavand, who was the head of the family of these areas, and they took the name of this valley from his name. After that, over time, Qandi became Kandi and the name Chal Kandi remained on this valley.

The creation of Chal Kandi in Dezful

All the attractions

Beautiful natural attractions cover the entire Kandi valley. One of the most prominent places to see in Chal Kandi is its beautiful and winding rocks. Among the rocks of this valley, you will find cozy places for photography and watching beautiful views. The clear water of the Dez River also attracts the attention of tourists along the way to Chal Kandi with all kinds of river fish.

The clarity of the Dez river water exposes the rocks of the river bed. Among the rocks of this valley, you can see all kinds of medicinal and aromatic plants, such as cow’s tongue flower and oregano, whose fragrance fills the space inside the valley in spring. Willow trees also stand out in the heights overlooking the rocks.

Fishing in Chal Kandi in Dezful is fun

Chal Kandi is also a great favor for fishing enthusiasts. The variety of fishes and the clarity of the river water double the pleasure of fishing in the river from the rocks of Dareh Chal Kandi. If you are interested in fishing, don’t forget the right equipment and supplies for this hobby on your trip to Chal Kandi. After entering the slow hole, cast in a suitable area and throw your hook into the water.

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Fishing in Chal Kandi in Dezful is fun

Best time to visit

The constant flow of the river and high rocky walls in some parts of Chal Kandi have caused the weather to be moderate in this valley. During the day, due to the structure of the walls, some parts of Chal Kandi receive little sunlight and these parts always remain cool. You can travel to this area in different months of the year to visit Kandi crater. But mid-June to mid-October is the best time to enjoy water sports in this valley.

Accommodation in Chal Kandi in Dezful

The ecotourism residences of the villages around Chal Kandi are among the most popular accommodation centers among tourists in this region. Pamnar village is located at a short distance from Chal Kandi Valley, and eco-tourism resorts such as “Gashtasab”, “Dez” and “Pamnar” in this village are suitable options for staying near Chal Kandi.

In the cities of Andimshek, Dezful and Paghela village, you will also have the option of staying in local houses and ecotourism residences. Dezful and Andimshek hotels are other suitable options for staying near Chalkandi, among which we can mention Jahangordi Hotel and Avan Hotel in Dezful city and Andimshek Grand Hotel.

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