Elanzeh Plain of Masal in Iran

Elanzeh Plain of Masal in Iran

If you are tired of the modern city life and everyday hustle and bustle and want to spend a few moments in the heart of pristine and unknown nature, singing birds and clean and cool air, join us and travel to Elanzeh Plain of Masal in Iran. Perhaps the name of Elanzeh Plain is unfamiliar to you and you don’t know where this area is? We intend to provide you with more information about this beautiful villa in the Hey Persia blog, so join us in this fruitful virtual journey.

What do you know about Dasht al-Nazeh summer cottage?

Lush trees, towering mountains, a foggy mountainous region, cool and pleasant air, free from smoke and car horns, is what awaits you in Elanzeh Plain, Gilan. You might think to yourself that the weather in Gilan can be without humidity and heat, that too in a province where humidity is rampant?! In response, it should be that because it is a summer and mountainous area, Elanzeh Plain does not smell of humidity and stale air.

Elanzeh Plain of Masal Area

This area is so cool that people use wood stoves even in summer nights! Walking in the heart of vast plains surrounded by mountains, hearing the sound of waterfalls and springs, the sound of birds singing and different animals such as sheep grazing, or watching wild horses trot from a short distance, are all experiences that are rarely seen in urban life. There is feeling them. In Elanzeh Plain, there is also a religious attraction in addition to the natural attractions, and that is the tomb of Imamzadeh Ibrahim, which is built in the utmost simplicity and its wooden shrine is covered with green cloths.

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There is also a 200-year-old stout maple tree next to the tomb of Imamzadeh Ebrahim in Elanzeh Plain, which people consider blessed and make vows to it to fulfill their needs and tie green cloths to it! In Elanzeh Plain Masal, you can hear the sound of a 15-meter waterfall called “Vashiar” which is 3 kilometers away from the area. There are plenty of water springs in Elanzeh Plain, and wherever you go, you will find green forests and vast plains. In addition to the stout and old maple tree, there are plenty of other trees such as plums and pears in this area.

The life of the people in Elanzeh Plain is completely traditional and in a rural style, their houses are made of wood and their roofs are gabled. As mentioned, people in this region still use wood and wood stoves for heating and even cooking. The simplicity and authenticity of the people of Elanzeh Plain, who have remained simple and refined in today’s modern world, is another attraction of the trip to the pristine Elanzeh Plain.

Elanzeh Plain of Masal Area

The night sky of Elanzeh Plain

One of the attractive attractions of Elanzeh Plain is its nights and starry sky. Staying overnight in Elanzeh Plain is a different and memorable experience that you can easily experience.

Where is Elanzeh Plain?

You must have noticed by now that Elanzeh Plain is one of the nomads’ summer residences in Masal and one of the must-see places in Gilan and Masal. It is located in Shanderman countryside, Gilan, one of the districts of Masal city. Shanderman is one of the most attractive parts of the Masal and Elanzeh Plain, one of the most pristine, which is located in the heart of the towering mountains of this region. If you want to stay in Dasht Al-Nazeh. You can rent some of the wooden huts in this area as a place to stay in Elanzeh Plain and get to know the lives of the people of Elanzeh Plain of Masal.

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Access route to Elanzeh Plain

To go to Elanzeh Plain, you must first go to Shanderman city. Shanderman is located 55 km from Rasht and 5 km from Masal. The road to Elanzeh Plain is very green and covered with fields and forests. To reach this pristine and unknown summer camp, you have to go through different villages and areas such as Bitam, Ulam, Gaskmijan, Shahid Hasrati Maaf, Cheprod, Este Sar, Boston Gah, Barzef. , pass Kheshthovar, Chai Khale, Sebalhovar and Sanfiya. After passing through Sanfieh area, you will reach Dasht Al-Nazeh.

Access route to Elanzeh Plain

Elanzeh Plain of Masal in Iran

In this article, we tried to introduce you to Elanzeh Plain of Masal in Iran summer cottage. If you want to visit Iran’s unspoiled and little-known countryside, you can go with Hey Persia travel agency. Hey Persia is a safe and different choice for middle-aged people, which helps them experience different and desirable trips with different interests and go to different and pristine places. Rest assured, we will do our best to provide you with services suitable for the age and status of your loved ones and to satisfy you. It is enough to join us once in Iran tours to become our constant companions. So register and join us.

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