Turan Park In Iran Has The Largest Reserve

Turan Park In Iran Has The Largest Reserve

Most of us have read or heard a lot about the beauty of African forests and its diverse wildlife, and we would like to travel to this beautiful continent. While we have a large collection similar to Africa in our own Turan Park in Iran. The Turan complex, which is also as “Iranian Africa”, is the largest reserve in Iran and the second biosphere in the world after “Serengeti” in Africa. Today we are going to talk to you about Turan Park and its features in the Hey Persia blog. If you are also in knowing more about this vast area of one million and four hundred thousand hectares, stay with us in the rest of the article.

Where is Khartoran Shahroud?

Turan Park is a desert-desert area with sand dunes located in the southeast of Shahrood city in Semnan. This park has an area of 1470,640 hectares and is located between the 3 mountain ranges of Shatrakuh, Bala Bala and Prophet and includes 3 protected areas called Turan Protected Area with 75% of the area, Turan Wildlife Sanctuary with 17% of the area and Turan National Park with 8% of the area. Is. With an area of 303,330 hectares, Khartoran Protected Area occupies the largest area of the park and is the second largest protected area in Iran after Naibandan Tabas Wildlife Sanctuary. Turan National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary has an area of about 1037,120 hectares. The famous desert “Dasht Kavir” is located in its southern part.

Turan biosphere reserve

Turan Biosphere Reserve is located on the south side of the Tehran-Mashhad road, east of Tarood village, west of Zamanha village, northeast of central desert and eastern part of Sabzevar city. The southeastern part of Turan Park was as a protected area in 1351. 4 years later, in 1355, part of it was as Turan Wildlife Sanctuary, and in 1381, a part of the central parts of the sanctuary was as Turan National Park for further protection and care. At the same time as choosing a part of this complex as a wildlife sanctuary, in 1955, UNESCO introduced the Turan complex as a biosphere reserve.

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“Kal Shore” river passes through the eastern part of Turan Park In Iran National Park and divides Turan Wildlife Sanctuary into two halves, eastern and western. The only source of water in the area is the salty water of this river. The climate around Kal Shore River in Turan Wildlife Sanctuary is different from other parts of the park. This small part has plants of wet areas such as reeds and water birds live in it. Something that does not exist in other parts of Turan!

Turan biosphere reserve

The status of animal and plant species in Turan Park In Iran

40 species of mammals, 167 species of birds, 42 species of reptiles and 2 species of amphibians have been identified in Turan, the most famous animals of which are Asian cheetah and Iranian zebra. This area hosts one of the rarest animal species, the Asian cheetah, and currently has the largest number of Asian cheetahs. In addition, Turan Park is the last habitat of the Iranian zebra species. These days, Iranian zebras live in limited areas of the country. But in the not-so-distant past, about two-thirds of Iran and several neighboring countries.

The habitat of this animal was beautiful! In addition to the important and valuable animals mentioned, there are other animal species such as wolves, jackals, caracals, leopards, wild cats of Jubir, deer, pazen, wild rams, wild sheep, goats, sand cats, plains cats, palas cats (of various types Rare felines in Iran), striped hyena, yellow, red fox and king fox have also been observed in this area. Among the most famous and well-known reptiles are lizards, agama, desert rattlesnake, snake slipper, horned viper and all kinds of parsley snakes. Turan or Khartoran Park has a rich variety of vegetation in addition to rich animal species.

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Turan protected area

In such a way that only in the protected area of Turan, plants such as Kolah Mirhasan, Ephedra, Salt marsh, Ashnan, Qaradagh, Marung, sheathed coma, Darmene, fire sedge, Tangras, thousand cotton thistles, moldy horse dung, ant grass, Abu Jahl watermelon, Kormar grass, Tarche Bayan, Golden Najm, Gaz, Tag, Qich, Zardwid, Aquatic Alale and Espahand are visible. Of course, the condition of the plant species of Turan National Park is also similar to this steppe protected area and they do not differ much from each other. The biological diversity of Turan Park along with the desert-desert nature with its special and unique effects has made it a very favorable space for carrying out all kinds of research, education and tourism research.

Turan protected area

Turan Park In Iran

Turan Park In Iran or Khartoran park with an area of approximately 1400 square meters is one of the 13 world biosphere reserves in Iran. If you have also traveled to this area and have more information about it, you can write them in the comments and suggestions section and share them with us. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Hey Persia tourism magazine has been launched with the aim of getting to know more Iranians who are enthusiastic and interested in this land and water. If you also want to know more about our vast country, you can register on Hey Persia website and learn about the most important events and tourist places of our country.

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