Nayband National Park in Iran

Nayband National Park in Iran

Have you ever thought that a national park can be in water? One of the sightseeing places in Bushehr is Naiband National Park. This beautiful park is the first marine national park of Iran, which is known as a naturalist’s paradise due to its natural landscapes, coral reefs for diving, turtle spawning, etc. We at Hey Persia blog are going to talk about this protected area with you today. So, if you also like to get more information about Nayband Marine National Park in Iran, stay with us.

Where is Nayband Marine National Park in Iran?

Nayband National Park is one of Asalouye’s attractions. This park is located 300 km southeast of Bushehr port in Asaluyeh and includes the Nayband cape and part of the waters of the Persian Gulf. In 1357, Nayband Bay along with a part of Nayband Cape was selected as a protected area. But in 2013, besides this protected area, a small protected area called Naiband Mangrove and a part of the waters of the Persian Gulf were also added to this collection, and the whole area was registered and announced as Naiband Marine National Park.

The area of Nayband Marine National Park in Iran

The entire protected area has an area of ​​19,500 hectares. Naiband National Park consists of two parts, land and sea, which we will discuss with you about the size of each and their characteristics.

Naiband land protected area

The protected area has an area of ​​22,500 hectares and is located at a distance of 320 km from Bushehr port. This range includes the following areas:

Mangrove forest of Asalouye areas

At first, you might be surprised to hear that there is a mangrove forest in Asaluyeh. But the Nayband mangrove forests are located within the borders of Asaluye and the two regions of Basatin and Hale. This forest is the habitat of rare migratory birds that migrate to this area in the winter season. Along with birds, greenback and eagle turtles, reptiles and even some arthropods and bivalves also live in this area. The mangrove plant is a perennial green plant whose roots vertically emerge from the mud and perform breathing and aeration. These salt-loving plants flower in the months of March and May.

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Seabirds of Nayband Bay

In Naiband Bay, there are birds such as flamingos, white pelicans, cockatoos, sea swallows, and Salim, which may surprise you if you watch them closely.

Wildlife of Naiband Bay

In this area, there are mammals such as jackals, foxes, rabbits, wolves, all kinds of eagle-nosed and green sea turtles, crabs, and special fishes such as sardines and prominent eyes.

Dolphins and whales of Nayband Bay

Dolphins and whales are among the beautiful mammals of the Persian Gulf that you can see diving in this area.

Nayband Bay, Naga region

The Nega area of ​​Nayband Bay is another green area that is located between the two provinces of Hormozgan and Bushehr. In the Nayband region, animals such as sheep, goats, wild goats, deer, jays and leopards live. This area has an area of ​​49,815 hectares and is located in Bushehr and Hormozgan provinces. Of this approximately 50,000 hectares, 27,000 hectares are marine and the rest are land. The marine part of the national park continues from the northwest side to the village of “Bid Khoon” and Asalouye toxic facilities, from the east to “Kushkanar” and in the land-water part south of “Teban” port. This region has a dry climate and the average annual rainfall is about 94 mm and the average temperature is about 28 degrees Celsius

Vegetation of Nayband Marine National Park

in addition to mangrove forests and pine trees, there are plants such as kanaar, Iranian mesquite, temple figs, devil’s pomegranate, asterberg, yellow patience, acacia, palm, lily, ant grass, goon, Ahomash exist. The wildlife of Naiband Bushehr National Park is very diverse, just like the plants of this area, in such a way that Jubir is considered the most important animal species of this area, among other species of wildlife of Naiband Marine National Park, we can include animals such as caracal, Iranian porcupine, tshi, rabbit, wolf. , jackal, hyena, wild cat, goat, dolphin and birds of Nayband National Park such as Hobara, Quebec, Tiho, all kinds of game birds, waterfowl, cockatoos, small baboons, pelicans, flamingos, eagle sea turtles and green sea turtles.

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Vegetation of Nayband Marine National Park

Stay in Nayband Marine National Park in Iran

If you travel to this area with a tour, you will no longer have to worry about accommodation. But if you are visiting this area alone or with friends, you can use Asalouye hotels for accommodation. Of course, camping and spending more time in nature is another way to stay in Naiband Bay. In addition to these two methods, ecotourism houses around the bay and Hale village are also another options for accommodation. Living in a ecotourism will help you spend more time with the people of the south and get to know the culture and customs of the people of the region.

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